Nike Spec Commercial

Exploit Yourself

Nike Spec Commercial

Who said life at the city was placid

‘Exploit Yourself’ is a promotional clip we made with the intent of clashing the real world against a computer generated world.

What would we do if one of the best makes in sport gave us free reign to do a spot, with no other constraint than our imagination?

‘Exploit Yourself’ talks about pushing your limits just for the sake of it. We see no competition or race but the one we all got inside; the reason why we keep trying to beat ourselves up. Faster runs, quicker movements, higher jumps: strength, pain, muscle, sweat, determination, thirst. Trying one’s best, never give up, create an enemy when there’s not, the feeling of suffering for self- improvement.

Winning in front of your eyes, winning for your eyes only, and never stop making yourself BETTER.

Who said life at the city was placid?