The Gift

DDB London
Carl E. Rinsch

Parallel Lines

‘The Gift’ is one of the five short films that Phillips launched in 2010 for its new line of tv screens in a series called «Parallel Lines». The five pieces versed on different themes and had five different directors from RSA.

We were lucky enough to do the vfx for Carl E. Rinsch’s piece, ‘The Gift’.

The story takes place in Moscow, and is about a mystery box that contains a really valuable object inside. We made more than 20 full CGI shots for the short, the car chase scene among them. A great number of cars and buildings from old Moscow were recreated and cg-built to narrate this chase sequence, probably the most challenging of the movie. Check out the animated pictures to see how it has been done.

It’s all about mystery for this piece, and we certainly enjoyed creating such an unusual atmosphere and sense. The best thing here is the one you can’t see.